THE INSOMNIA FAMILY - Ashley Winklbauer

Ashley Winklbauer

Director of Training

  • Starting Position: Regional Operations Manager
  • Current Position: Director of Training
  • How many times have you been promoted? Three times!
  • Favorite part of IC: My favorite part of Insomnia Cookies is the family feel. The company strives to make everyone feel as though they are a part of the Insomnia Cookies family. They do this by offering benefits to each team member, at any level, as well as hosting yearly summits to bring people together.
  • Would you recommend Insomnia Cookies as a company to other people? If so, what would you say? Yes! I would tell the person about all of the opportunities available to them through working at Insomnia Cookies. As a team member in this rapidly growing company, you have so many opportunities to grow. We are constantly promoting people from within
  • What’s your favorite cookie? Chocolate Chunk! (I try to only eat one a day!)