Retirement Savings

Just as you invest hard work and time into Insomnia Cookies, we want to invest in you. Insomnia Cookies matches a portion of each employee’s contribution into a 401k account.             


At Insomnia Cookies, we’re pleased to offer medical, dental, vision, accident care and critical care insurances. This is available to employees and their dependents. 

Parental Leave

When your family grows, our Insomnia Cookies family grows too! We understand how important it is for new parents to be able to enjoy some quality time with their children.  We offer Parental Leave, along with peace of mind that your job will be waiting for you once you return.             

Paid Vacation

We value our team and the work that they do. We also believe time off is important in maintaining a positive work-life balance, which is why all of our employees are able to accrue vacation time.             

Dependent Care

Daily care for a child or loved one can be costly. Insomnia Cookies offers employees a way to help subsidize these expenses through tax-free payroll deductions.             

Transit & Parking

Whether you take the train, ride the bus, or pay to park, our transit program helps lighten the load through tax-free payroll deductions.             

Sick Leave

A healthy company relies on healthy team members.Insomnia Cookies offers employees the chance to earn and take paid sick time in order to recoup and recover.             


Pile on the perks! We offer treats such as free cookies, pizza parties, employee discounts,company swag, annual summits, birthday celebrations, happy hours – we could keep going, but we’ll keep this short and sweet! We love our family and want to show them how much we appreciate their efforts whenever possible.             

*all benefits have different eligibility, please refer to specific offerings for further details*